Smartpoint Car Rear View Mirror HD Dash Cam
Smartpoint Car Rear View Mirror HD Dash Cam

Smartpoint HD Recorder Mirror | Audio and video camera with gravity sensor, motion detector, loop recording, 120° auto angle

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The Smartpoint Rearview Mirror Drive Recorder is attached to your existing rearview mirror and can be used as a mirror or as a camera with a monitor. Use it to capture clear photos, HD video, and audio recordings of the trip that can be used as a souvenir of your trip or as evidence in the event of an accident.

You will be greatly helped by our reliable gravity sensor technology, which automatically detects collisions, records fault segments and prevents them from being deleted.

  •     Capture everything at wide angle: Use your Smartpoint Board Camera to take photos, HD videos, and even record audio. The car recorder features a 120-degree field of view that reduces blind spots and allows you to record clearer, wider street scenes.
  •      Continuous Recording: Never run out of storage space on the loop-recording rearview mirror camera. Once the micro SD card reaches full capacity, the drive recorder automatically replaces the older video with the new video, except for the G-sensor recording; Supports up to 32 GB microSD.
  •      Never miss crash clips: This reliable automatic dashboard cam has a G-sensor that automatically detects accidents, records failure clips, and locks the coil so it won't be replaced when audio is full. A new recording cycle has begun.
  •      Worry-Free Parking: Smartpoint Dash Cameras can also be used as a parking dash cam for a car. It has a smart motion sensor that records clips automatically when motion is detected in the field of view, and with its built-in high capacity battery, it can stay on longer so you and your vehicle can rest in peace. .
  •      REQUIRE MINIMUM SPACE AND EFFORT: This car camera is similar to your new rearview mirror, intelligently equipped with a 2.4 inch LCD screen so it won't obstruct your vision while driving. Simply use the included rubber band to attach the rear view camera to the car's rear view mirror.

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