COOAU D20 1080P Front and Rear WiFi Dash Camera for Cars
COOAU D20 1080P Front and Rear WiFi Dash Camera for Cars

Dual Driving Recorder with Built-in GPS, COOAU D20 1080P Wifi Front and Rear Driving Recorder, Sony Sensor, Ultra Condenser, 4 Infrared Night Vision, Gravity Sensor, Re-recording and Parking Mode

The COOAU D20 Dual Driving Recorder is one of the best dual cameras out there today. Because the camera and NT 96663 processor use Sony IMX 323 sensors, they can provide both front and rear video quality. It is definitely a good choice. The driving recorder with wifi itself has been carefully designed, has the lowest form, can be easily hidden behind the rearview mirror and will not distract you while driving.

1080P dual recording

The COOAU D20 WiFi Dual Camera can record 1920 x 1080 @ 30fps front and rear videos, clearly capture license plates and traffic signs and equip drivers with HD lenses.

Track speed, location and route

The D20's integrated front and rear GPS cameras record the vehicle's speed and provide an accurate location and route on the map. It allows you to track GPS data in our application: Ficam / COOAU View.

Ultra Infrared Night Vision

The advanced NOVATEKCPU sensor, F1.8-6 glass lens and F1.8 dual aperture rear view camera can improve night vision inside and outside the car in low light and make you safer at night.

Wi-Fi sync with your phone

You can view all files and change all settings on your phone without removing the dashcam or SD card. You can also download the recorded video through the APP: Ficam / COOAU Watch it and share it on the official media.

170 degree viewing angle

The car camera has a front camera (170 degree angle) that can capture everything on the road, while the interior camera (150 degree angle) records what is going on inside the car to reveal more details of the road around you to capture.

Suitable for all climates

The camera is specifically designed to withstand adverse weather conditions and can operate smoothly in temperatures of 70°/158° and down to -20°/-4°.

24 hour parking monitoring

The 24-hour uninterruptible power supply monitors the condition of your vehicle. When you're on vacation or not in the car for a while, the parking mode monitors the area around your car.

24 hour driving recorder restart

Front and rear drive recorders have a loop recording function that can record 1/2/3/5 minutes of video. When the memory card is full, the new recording will automatically replace the old recording.

Gravity sensor and spool lock

Gravity sensor with automatic collision detection detects impact, locks important videos in emergency folder and prevents your video files from being overwritten. The sensitivity of the G-sensor can be adjusted with 4 settings: low, medium, high and off.

 High temperature resistant super capacitor

The car hard disk video recorder is equipped with super capacitors, it is more suitable for high temperature environments.

 Larger capacity SD card up to 256GB

Supports up to 256 GB Class 10 or higher. It suffices for about 21 hours of dual recording at 1080p and 30fps and is useful for keeping up with old files. Save yourself the repetitive formatting of the SD card and treat yourself to long-term video recording.

COOAU D20 1080P Front and Rear WiFi Dash Camera for Cars
COOAU D20 1080P Front and Rear WiFi Dash Camera for Cars

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