PjxerdQ 1080P FHD DVR Car Camera Driving Recorder
PjxerdQ 1080P FHD DVR Car Camera Driving Recorder

PjxerdQ 24 Hours Real-Time Video Remote Monitoring Dual 4G Driving Recorder Wifi Front Indoor Driving Recorder Suitable for Cars 1080P FHD DVR Driving Car Camera Recorder | GPS track | gravity sensor | Episode recording | behavior analysis

PjxerdQ 1080p WiFi Drive Recorder

Front and cabin photos are always taken in high definition. Provide your vehicle with reliable protection and safety on the road. Watch the road in front of and inside the car.

GPS driving recorder with 4G and real time video

With our free car driving recorder app, you can easily use 4G and WiFi to connect the dashcam to your mobile phone, view real-time video, use your mobile phone to control the drive of the recorder, view, save and download your photo and share it with family share.

Integrated professional GPS

The JC400P dual camera is equipped with a professional GPS tracking system. High-accuracy GPS tracking provides real-time vehicle location data so that your vehicle is continuously protected 24 hours/365 days.You can view the GPS route in the JIMIMAX APP.

emergency call

Equipped with SOS cable, if you or your family is in danger, you can press and hold the SOS button for help. Set the SOS number in the free JIMIMAX app. When you are in danger, press the SOS button to get the location in time and keep you out of danger.

24 hour parking monitoring

If the dual WiFi camera detects vibrations or someone gets stuck while parking, the driver recorder will automatically turn on and start recording. Monitor 7/24, take a break.

Ultra Night Vision

The infrared lights provide clear images at night and the front camera can clearly see license plates and road signs even at night, ideal for fleet managers/drivers or people who want to record their performance and spend quality time with their families.

PjxerdQ 1080P FHD DVR Car Camera Driving Recorder
PjxerdQ 1080P FHD DVR Car Camera Driving Recorder

  •     {Dual Dashcam Front & Interior} The front and rear cameras of the drive recorder differ. The car wifi drive recorder has front and rear camera: road facing (1080P, 145°), it delivers clear and high quality video/images and strong proof of accident The time/cabinet view camera (720P, 140°) is used for real-time video Which is very good for Uber drivers / taxis / carpooling or people who need to record scenes and happy hours with their families. (OBD only supports 12V cars, not big trucks)
  •     【Real-time Video and 24 Hours Parking Monitoring】 Combined with high-speed 4G data connection or GPS camera, it supports JIMIMAX real-time video from the vehicle and front-end to monitor the vehicle's status remotely anytime and anywhere. The car driving recorder is connected to the car via OBD cable, even if the car is on fire, the truck driving recorder works and monitors around the clock, so that your car is completely in your field of view and provides you with safety.
  •     {Driving Behavior Analysis & GPS Tracking} Set alerts for extreme acceleration, sharp turns and hard braking via the JIMIMAX app. Driving behavior data can help reduce the accident rate for your fleet and reduce fuel consumption. The built-in dual GPS driving recorder accurately records the driving position and speed, and you can check the situation in real time or read on your mobile phone. Support SOS/vibration/geofence entry or exit/overspeed/low battery and other alarms
  •     {G-sensor and loopording} The high-sensitivity G-sensor and car dashboard camera detect sudden vibrations/collisions and lock the device into an emergency "event coil" to prevent video coverage. Continuous loop recording will automatically overwrite the oldest video clip when the card is full to protect your video evidence and keep you from litigation. The car camera supports micro SD card up to 256GB (card not included).

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