RngGamepad ps4 Wireless Controller Touch Panel Gamepad
RngGamepad ps4 Wireless Controller Touch Panel Gamepad

RngGamepad Wireless Controller for PS4 , Dualshock Touch Wireless Controller with PS4 / Pro / Slim

MULTIPLE FUNCTIONS: With touchpad, bluetooth, 3.5mm headphone jack, HD gravity vibration sensor, LED lights and other functions that provide new and exciting gaming experience and interactive ways to help you enjoy your games more

Ease of use: Comfortable, non-slip and sweat-resistant handle. With linear trigger button, it is easy to control while playing

Experience realistic shocks from the real reaction of your favorite running games, sports, shooting, etc. Immediately improve your gaming experience

Share function: Play your game in a fun way, share the most exciting game moments in videos or screenshots with just one click

Detailed information: Share button, Option button, XYAB button, Arrow buttons, L1/L2/R1/R2 button, Touchpad, LED display, Home button, 360 degree joystick

Bluetooth connection: stable wireless connection without delay, delay or interruption, fast and stable Bluetooth connection within 10 meters of the console (obstacle-free environment)

RngGamepad ps4 Wireless Controller Touch Panel Gamepad
RngGamepad ps4 Wireless Controller Touch Panel Gamepad

  •     Wide System Compatibility: Compatible with PS-4 / Pro / Slim console. USB cable connection supports PC. This console allows you to enjoy the game on multiple platforms.
  •     🎮 IMPROVED HIGH FEELING KEYS: There are diamond shaped bumps on the surface of the rocking chair to increase friction, and you can move the character or perspective with some force. The ergonomic controller has high sensitivity, shortened reaction time and improved accuracy at critical moments
  •     Dual Vibration and Sound Function: The game console has a built-in dual vibration motor that gives you different intensity feedback and matches your gaming experience.The 3.5mm audio headphone jack has volume control directly on the console so you don't disturb others
  •     🎮 Excellent stability and longer reading time: With stable wireless communication technology, the maximum communication distance can reach 10 meters. Play with up to 4 people and play with your family/close friends for a better gaming experience. Equipped with a 1000mAh battery, it takes about 3 hours to charge and can work for 16 hours on a full charge.
  •     🎮 Wireless Controller: It can be easily charged by connecting it to your console or using a standard charger with a USB cable.

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