Leonnn 2 Pack-Game Controller for PS4 with Dual Vibration
Leonnn 2 Pack-Game Controller for PS4 with Dual Vibration

2 Pack Leonnn Game Controller for PS4, Wireless PS4 Controller with Dual Vibration Gaming Joystick

Our PS 4 Wireless Controller features familiar control functions and includes many innovative user functions that can create a new era of interactive experience. The analog joystick and playback button have been improved for better feel and sensitivity. Clickable multi-touch trackpad expands your gaming options.
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radio button
Panel D (up, down, right, left)
Control buttons (triangle, circle, cross, square)
Release button (R1, R2, L1, L2)
touchpad buttons
Super compatibility
The PS4 wireless controller is equipped with the latest somatosensory technology and a built-in 3D gyroscope and accelerometer, which can be intelligently paired with your PS4 without the need for additional operation. You can enjoy different games on different platforms.

Hd arrow keys

D-pad is an unclassified high-precision process that can receive operating signals without deflection, has high sensitivity, and simplifies the processing of game types.

Sweat-resistant, non-slip design

The handle is in the hand for a long time and is made of non-slip and sweat-resistant material. The surface is gentle on the skin, not just an old plastic stick.

layout upgrade

This PlayStation 4 console controller offers a great gaming experience, an improved button layout, and a high-sensitivity dual analog joystick that can improve the accuracy of key moments and simplify gameplay while reducing response time.

Leonnn 2 Pack-Game Controller for PS4 with Dual Vibration
Leonnn 2 Pack-Game Controller for PS4 with Dual Vibration

  •     [Precision Controls & Built-in Speakers] The improved microcontroller allows gamers to have complete control over all games on their PS 4 console. The wireless controller has a built-in speaker and stereo headphone jack that provides gamers with many new audio options, and is a convenient personal audio solution for gamers. Who would like to listen to the game in private.
  •     [6 Axis Support] Two vibration pressure sensors, each movement will beep, so every effect seems to be in the game. Feel every impact, crash, and explosion through the vibration response of your hands. 6-Axis: The highly sensitive motion control system detects every movement, characters and objects move and react with tilting, pressing and shaking the controller.
  •     [Third-party products are compatible with PS4 consoles, PC and Android iOS. If you want to connect your game console to the computer, you will need to use a microport cable to connect or the buyer will have a bluetooth receiver. You can use a bluetooth receiver to connect to this wireless controller.
  •     [Ergonomic Design] The ergonomic handle is a new way to comfortably play games for hours. Revolutionary features such as touchpads and integrated light bars provide exciting new ways to experience and interact with games.
  •     [Efficient Charging, At Your Fingertips] Any standard micro USB port charger can be charged simply by connecting it to your PS 4 system, even when in standby mode. Add a share button to share the best moments of your game. You can upload game videos and screenshots directly from your system or stream your game live with a single click without affecting your game progress.

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