SOLAKAKA SK961 Bluetooth Mechanical Gaming Keyboard
SOLAKAKA SK961 Bluetooth Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

SOLAKAKA 60% Mechanical Bluetooth Gaming Keyboard Rainbow RGB Backlit 61 Keys Anti-Ghost USB Wired Compact Computer Keyboard Work and Gaming PC/Mac/iOS/Android/Windows (Blue Keys)

  •  🔥🎮🔥 [Wired / Dual-Mode Bluetooth Connectivity] The advanced built-in chip that instantly records keystrokes with extremely low latency with no signal interference. In Bluetooth mode, 3 different devices can be easily switched FN + Q / W / E. In addition to the wired USB Type-C connection, you can also change the keyboard tethering mode on smartphones, tablets / laptops and desktops at any time.
  • 🔥🎮🔥 [Classic 60% Compact Design] The 60% gaming keyboard is the perfect size, suitable for all environments, business travel and home office gaming. There is no numeric keypad, which is more convenient for gamers and writers and saves more desk space.
  • 🔥🎮🔥 [The original taste of the blue key] You might be wondering "Why is it blue?" Yes, it's easy to click, but it's real and real, and it's the most unique mechanical switch. It reminds you of your first feel on a mechanical keyboard, and the unprecedented tap feedback and refresh key will make you start typing with BGM.
  • 🔥🎮🔥 [Cool RGB Backlight Effect] This portable mechanical gaming keyboard can make 12 different RGB backlight effects with chromaticity, 8 light colors, you can adjust the brightness, change the speed, turn off the backlight. Special Preferences Set your own backlight, improve the visual experience, make it cooler and more interesting, and improve the competitive atmosphere while playing.
  • 🔥🎮🔥 [Wide Compatibility] This mechanical keyboard is waterproof, dustproof, conflict-free hotkey function, FN hotkey function, rainbow backlight, non-slip mat, Type-C interface, plug and play, design 61 keys, keycap can be removed, easy to clean, compatible with PC, Mac, laptop and PC series that support Windows or Android, Linux, IOS and other devices.

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