Hawksbill Wireless Gamepad Controller for iOS Android
Hawksbill Wireless Gamepad Controller for iOS Android

Hawksbill Wireless Gamepad for iOS iPhone and Android Bluetooth with L3 + R3 Keys, Long Battery Life, Enhanced 8-Way Arrow Keys, Dual Vibration, MFI Compatible Gaming

Compatibility: Support Android 3.0+ Android TV system version, support Android Media Box, support PC-Windows system, support PC-gamepad function, support PC-XBOX360 function; Powered by Windows 10 Supports Nintendo Switch Turbo game console and special automatic functions Built-in rechargeable lithium battery Specifications: Size: 6.5" x 4.5" x 2.5" Weight: 8 oz BT solution: RDA 2.1 + EDR Usage time: 8 hours Transmission range: Maximum 25 feet of retractable clip: Supports 4-6" devices

  •     LED BUTTON AND DOUBLE VIBRATION: The controller features L3 R3 function and is compatible with many of your favorite games. Responsive triggers, LED buttons, dual vibration motors, great grip and feel, and a slim design.
  •     No game lag: Have you played your favorite game without a console? Use our wireless controller now to enjoy uninterrupted gaming without lag or lag. Be competitive in your Battle Royale game with graceful and clear graphics without skips, glitches or distortion.
  •     Fast charging and long reading time: No battery needed. Charging takes only 30 minutes to an hour! Play non-stop for 8 hours before recharging next time!
  •     COMPATIBLE WITH MORE THAN 1000 GAMES: No additional apps required, just connect to bluetooth and go! It is compatible with more than 1000 apps and games. Enjoy your favorite battle royale games like Modern Combat or World of Tanks! * May not apply to all games due to updates or compatibility issues.
  •     IOS and ANDROID COMPATIBILITY: Our portable gamepad can be connected to any Apple device running iOS 7 or above. Enjoy your favorite games on your iPhone, iPad, iPod, Android phone or Android tablet.

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