Samsung can turn off the TV remotely
Samsung can turn off the TV remotely

Samsung has announced that the company can remotely disable its TV if it discovers that the TV has been stolen.

The feature is called Television Block, and the company recently announced its rollout in South Africa after some Samsung TVs were pulled from the company's warehouse amid protests and riots last month.

The shutdown system targets TVs illegally acquired by users and, in some cases, stolen from company warehouses.

The objective of this technology is to reduce the creation of secondary markets associated with the sale of illicit goods within and outside South Africa.

The company said the technology is pre-installed in all Samsung TV products, ensuring that the TV can only be used by legitimate owners with proof of purchase.

However, it is not clear from the company's description whether this functionality serves only to combat mass theft or whether it helps individual consumers.

For the TV Block feature to function properly, the company needs to know the serial number of the stolen device. When the stolen device goes online, the company compares its serial number to the server list and, if a match is found, disables all TV functions.

Samsung disables the TV remotely

Banning stolen TVs in South Africa should be relatively simple. It comes from the company's warehouse and the company keeps track of its inventory.

Ordinary customers who stole the TV can inform the company of the serial number for remote deactivation. However, it is not clear whether the company offers or intends to provide such services.

However, the company said that in case one of its TVs is mistakenly banned in South Africa. Ban can be lifted by sending proof of purchase to

The company said this is in line with the value of using technology to solve societal challenges. We are developing and expanding strategic products for our consumer electronics division. It is also equipped with a specially designed defense device. Use innovative and intuitive work tools designed for the new world.

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