Google has updated its website to explain how search works
Google has updated its website to explain how search works

Google released an updated version of its How Search Works website this week that includes a set of information and links to provide more information about its cutting-edge ranking algorithm that can help you understand how to better serve its own system that it should fit in.

If you want to better understand how a company ranks its search results and how you can align your approach to content with the most important Google identifiers, you should take a look at this site.

This microsite covers all aspects of the Google search process. While the website is aimed at readers in general rather than SEO experts, it gives more information about company rankings and what to look for in web content.

The company's website provides a basic overview of each ranking element, including, for example, why automatic keyword matching is used.

The company claims that 15% of daily searches are something we haven't seen before. This is why we use automated systems to provide you with the most relevant and reliable information we can find. To help you find what you're looking for, the system takes into account many factors, including search terms, page content, source knowledge, your language, and your location.

Google has updated its website to explain how search works

The site also provides basic instructions on how to use keywords. And how the algorithm ranks keywords based on the relevance of each search query.

She said, when these keywords appear all over the page or appear in the title or body text. This information could be more relevant.

It also explains the basics of backlinks and how Google treats link value based on rankings: One of the many factors we use to determine this is whether other well-known websites are linking or citing content. This is usually a good sign of the reliability of the information.

The website also contains guidance on the company's latest research updates. Including changes to Web Essentials in May.

The main information mentioned is a bit superficial as it is not related to the technical aspects of SEO. However, the site offers some great insights into the basics of search rankings and factors to consider in your SEO methodology.

But this information could change soon. The company said more than 4,500 search improvements were made in 2020 alone.

If you want more detailed information about SEO, the company also has a central search platform that offers in-depth and professional advice from experienced webmasters, as well as educational videos, website development best practices, etc.

However, if you need a starting point, the updated How Research Works website attracts good attention. It can help you improve your understanding of each element.

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