SharePlay will not be included when iOS 15 is released
SharePlay will not be included when iOS 15 is released

A new feature in iOS 15 SharePlay has been delayed and will now only be released after a major update is released in the fall.

Apple has informed developers that SharePlay will be disabled in later beta versions of iOS 15, iPadOS15, tvOS 15 and macOS Monterey.

SharePlay allows users to enjoy entertainment (TV shows, movies, music, etc.) at the same time and sync all content on all devices.

The company confirmed that this feature will not be present in the official version of iOS 15, which will be released in the fall.

Apple now says SharePlay will be back in beta for developers in the future. It will be released through a software update this fall.

With the software update introduced this fall, you can enjoy a shared viewing experience. But the six new betas (public and private) do not include it.

"We're very excited about the developer community's enthusiasm for SharePlay," she added. We look forward to introducing it to users so that they can experience the app with their friends and family in a whole new way.

"We will continue to give developers access to SharePlay to integrate this functionality into the app," the company said.

To this end, the company has published SharePlay profiles for app makers who do not want to interrupt their work.

SharePlay will not be included when iOS 15 is released

SharePlay is the first major new feature in iOS 15 to be removed from the final version, which may raise questions about other features that may also require waiting for future updates.

Apple didn't include universal controls in betas this summer, a key feature of macOS Monterey and iPadOS 15 the company showed off at WWDC.

Universal Control allows iPad and Mac users to use the same keyboard and mouse to work seamlessly between the two products.

Apple has removed some promised features from the previous major release of iOS in order to become more usable.

Group FaceTime was migrated from the first version of iOS 12 to a minor update in October.

The company didn't even release iOS 13 for iPod touch and HomePod until 1/13/13.

The new beta version of the operating system overhauls the Safari browser by introducing a redesigned tab bar.

It is no longer necessary to call frequently used functions across the full list. You can also move the address bar up.

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