Snapchat launches Snapchat Trends
Snapchat launches Snapchat Trends

Snapchat has launched a new market research tool called Snapchat Trends, which is basically Google Trends, but is app specific, and it's a huge help for marketers looking to take advantage of the platform.

The new popular Snapchat tool allows marketers to search for specific keywords and terms based on in-app mentions to determine their relative popularity and discuss these changes over time.

The company said, "Snapchat Trends highlights the most popular keywords shared with our community in public stories viewed by a wide range of people, along with a database of searchable terms."

“With this information, we can provide a higher level of visibility into organic conversations on the platform, learn what our community is about, and provide trending advice on every popular topic.”

So this post is Google Trends. But especially for Snapchat users. It is also similar to Pinterest Trends, which uses the same user interface to make it easier to find keywords within the platform.

Snapchat trends have some elements. First, there is an option to search for the main keyword, which will automatically fill in the search terms based on the text you enter in the main field.

Then you can select several terms to see the comparative signal over time and the graph will display data for a year. You can also expand your search to include specific regions.

Snapchat launches Snapchat Trends

The platform below the main graphic display provides a number of relevant contextual snapshot examples of search terms that can further assist your search process.

In addition, the platform on the homepage of the new tool provides an overview of the general trend for the past week. Add case studies and ideas to help you further with your planning and strategy.

These ideas can be used in many different ways. It can prove its worth in your marketing process.

You can search for mentions of your brand or your competitors and understand how users of the platform interact with your products or activities. This can guide your strategy and help you determine if you need to invest more in marketing.

The platform also states that the tool can be used to study linguistic trends (i.e. new terms and their use by users). Understanding the behavior associated with a specific amount of activity that mentions a specific date. Find out when discussions about seasonal events and holidays increase.

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