SolarWinds hackers attacked federal prosecutors
SolarWinds hackers attacked federal prosecutors

The SolarWinds hack target appears to be an important part of the US legal system.

According to the Associated Press, the US Department of Justice said the Russian hackers behind a massive hacking campaign against SolarWinds last year hacked the email accounts of some famous federal prosecutors across the country.

According to management, 80% of Microsoft email accounts were hacked by employees of four American law firms in New York.

He added that during the hacking activity, the email account of at least one member of the 27th US Attorney's Office was hacked.

The ministry estimates that these accounts were hacked between May 7 and December 27, 2020. This period is noteworthy as the SolarWinds event was first spotted in mid-December.

The Biden administration announced sanctions in April, including the expulsion of Russian diplomats, in response to the SolarWinds hackers and Russian interference in the 2020 US presidential election. Russia denies wrongdoing.

Office emails usually contain a lot of sensitive information, including discussions about case strategy and the names of undercover agents.

The Administrative Office of the US Court of Justice confirmed in January that it had also been hacked, providing another entry point for SolarWinds hackers to steal classified information such as trade secrets, targeted espionage, whistleblower reports and arrest warrants.

The list of affected offices includes several large and high-ranking offices. For example in Los Angeles, Miami, Washington and East Virginia.

SolarWinds hackers attacked federal prosecutors

Neighborhoods in southern and eastern New York face some of the country's most famous prosecutors. Because New York is the financial center of the world.

The ministry said that all victims have been notified and are working to mitigate the operational, security and privacy risks arising from the violations.

The Justice Department said in January that there was no evidence that a secret system was affected. However, he did not specify the type of information received and the impact this breach could have on the current case.

Members of Congress expressed disappointment that the Biden government did not share additional information about the impact of SolarWinds' activities.

The SolarWinds hacker gained access to the email account of the then Secretary of Homeland Security. and employees of the Ministry of Cyber ​​Security.

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