Group video calls with 1,000 viewers on Telegram
Group video calls with 1,000 viewers on Telegram

Telegram has announced the latest new features and improvements used in popular messaging apps such as: Recording the best video messages and quickly watching regular videos.

The company has also added screen sharing with audio to all video calls, including one-on-one.

With this update, the platform is focused on video. After the start of group video calls last month, the number of viewers of group video calls has reached 1,000.

The maximum number of people who can attend and broadcast a video call is still 30. But according to the company, you can now reach a large audience through any means, such as online conferencing.

Video messaging is a quick way to view or share your surroundings without adding more videos to the gallery. Video messages are now displayed in higher resolution. You can click on the video post to expand it and get a larger view of the clip.

Tapping on the expanded video message will pause it and give you the option to fast forward or rewind the message if you miss a word.

While recording a video message, Telegram will continue to play the device audio while recording, so now you can sing or reply to your favorite songs without stopping the audio broadcast.

You can also use the disc rear view camera recording to zoom in, capture objects from a distance, or add effects.

To play course videos in slow motion, the media player now supports playback speeds of 0.5x, 1.5x, and 2x.

Telegram group calls have 1000 viewers

As of 2019, users can jump to the second by adding a timestamp to subtitles or replies to videos and YouTube links. You can now press and hold the timestamp in the message to copy the link and share the moment with another conversation.

Other new features include screen sharing (play audio from any device) for two-way video calls. If you're playing a video while on a call, you can swipe up to choose a camera or share your screen. You can also use the video preview to check everything out before going live.

Messages from any conversation can be set to be deleted after a month. A week before the longest election.

The media editor allows you to use graphics, text, and stickers to illustrate photos and videos. This is to make it easier to add details. Now, as you zoom in, the brush width narrows, giving you extra precision.

Telegram has also improved the user experience with password screen animations and sending messages via Android. IOS users received this animated message in a previous update.

The desktop app now includes a photo editor to crop, rotate or flip photos and add unique graphics or stickers. You can send the modified copy as an uncompressed file by clearing the Compressed image check box.

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