Sony launches a new model of PlayStation 5
Sony launches a new model of PlayStation 5

Sony has released a refurbished version of its PlayStation 5 console, and Australian gaming site Press Start reports that the revamped version includes a new base screw, so no screwdriver is required.

The Japanese company is said to have replaced a new lower screw with a knob at the top so that it can be easily inserted, removed and manually adjusted.

Press Start also notes that the digital version of this updated platform is about 300g lighter than the original model. However, it is not known what the Japanese company removed or modified to reduce weight.

The new platform model comes with the CFI-1102A model instead of the original CFI-1000. The company has not confirmed the exact changes to this new model.

This form is not mentioned online. However, the site can assure buyers that this new model has new screws that can be adjusted manually (no screwdriver required).

It seems that these are the first new models in the world to reach everywhere. After discovering the revised PS5 model in Japanese guidelines last month, it's clear that Australia was one of the first countries to evaluate it.

While businesses no longer need a recommended base rack screwdriver, you'll still need a screwdriver to access the optional removable multi-platform M.2 SSD.

Sony launches a new model of PlayStation 5

Sony plans to introduce removable SSD storage with an upcoming software update. It recently announced its availability and compatibility with third-party SSDs.

The update is currently available to beta testers and also includes improvements to the PS5 Dashboard user interface.

It also includes 3D audio support for the TV's built-in speakers and a way to better differentiate the PS4 and PS5 versions of games.

It should be noted that the platform is still rare. A quick look at eBay auctions reveals that the new PS5 console costs between $700 and $900. This exceeds the original price of $400 and $500, depending on the version.

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