ROBLOX Exploits Young Game Developers
ROBLOX Exploits Young Game Developers

A video highlighting the prospects for the Roblox development experience highlighted the potential exploitation of young developers, and the share of developers has dropped to around 35%, which is part of the larger problem faced by cross-platform content developers.

Roblox is a very popular game among young players. It gives users the ability to create their own gaming experience for others to enjoy.

Although some people can develop games in the game, it seems that those who are not treated fairly.

A 22-minute survey conducted by People Make Games on YouTube shows that young game developers are being exploited by unfair systems.

Although the platform offers developers an opportunity for profitability, as Apple does in the App Store, participants face more difficult financial situations.

Part of the issue is how the platform focuses on in-game Robux-based payments.

While typical methods like the App Store save developers money, Roblox offers Robux.

This technology gives developers the opportunity to spend their income instantly within the platform.

In addition to purchasing in-game items, developers can also use the currency to promote their creations to others through an in-game advertising system also operated by the platform.

ROBLOX Exploits Young Game Developers

The survey also shows how junior developers benefit from their work on the platform. The company deducts commissions from developers of up to 35% of the total value of Robux.

In return, Apple received a popular commission of 30%. Game publishing platform Steam also generates 30% of its sales through its platform.

Microsoft and Sony get 30% of Xbox and PlayStation systems. Epic Games and Microsoft charge 12% commission on Windows games.

According to the platform developer page, it states that various fees are deducted from the cost of the platform. Including an app store fee, 24% commission for payment processing, and operating costs, which are broken down into different parts.

A chart from June 2021 shows that the platform itself accounts for 26%. Additionally, there are 9% commissions for the investment platform and 14% commissions for the custody and support platform, usually as part of the platform's income.

When these commissions are added, the platform commission increases to 49%. Developers can expect to receive about a quarter of the value of Robux transactions.

The platform gives developers the ability to withdraw Robux funds. But if they can collect at least 100,000 Robux. You must also be a senior Roblox member and at least 13 years old to apply for the Developer Exchange Program.

You can request to leave the platform once a month at the current exchange rate. The developer needs to complete a transaction equivalent to $1,000 in in-game currency transaction to earn around $350 in cash.

In addition, these things make it difficult for young and ambitious game developers to monetize games.

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