Thanks to influencers Tik Tok brings you the tourist attractions
Thanks to influencers Tik Tok brings you the tourist attractions

Tik Tok has become one of the leading social media platforms. Influencers take it very seriously, as do Snapchat, YouTube, and Instagram.

Tik Tok is perhaps one of the most versatile, especially the videos it contains are short and consistent, and the app offers a straightforward and addictive experience.

Travel guides and content creators have taken advantage of all of these benefits, including Jack Gillespie, who posted a video from the recently opened Selfie Wrld studio in Chicago.

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Gillespie has done many more rounds which can be expected given that he works in the field. Share videos of salt healing caves, ax throwing, and more.

The same is happening not only in Chicago, but in every major city around the world. The videos on the platform show a variety of destinations and activities, including stores, restaurants, parties, and more.

Such accounts on Tik Tok are very useful on the one hand for tourists and tourists, but on the other hand they are very useful for the city dwellers themselves. There is no doubt that wherever they appear, these videos offer a great marketing advantage as they generate millions of views and are also shared on other platforms like Instagram and Facebook.

For the most part, these clips are not filmed and posted for free, but influencers are paid by content producers, which somewhat limits the options. Because content creators can avoid promoting financially rewarding places.

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The above creator Jack Gillespie has around 300,000 fans on TikTok. As we all know, videos on this platform have more subscribers.

These little snippets can have an amazing impact on entrepreneurs. Over 2 million people on the platform watched a promotional video from the Chicago Museum of Illusion. As a result, 21% of museum visitors discovered it only through Tik Tok in the following week.

Content producers on Tik Tok shoot videos and post them on their popular accounts in exchange for the owner of the venue that hosts them, providing tickets and food for them when needed. Sometimes additional fees must be paid.

Gillespie said he hadn't bought any food in two weeks because he had food in his place that was enough for him and his roommates.

“If one of my videos is successful and widely distributed, I will receive hundreds of messages from vendors and restaurants and take pictures with them,” he said.

In addition, these influential people sometimes find it difficult to find a pleasant place to work with. So most of them are not paid for the clips posted, only for food and lodging.


The creator of the TikTok platform is called “Tik Talkers” and they are not only interested in promoting the store. Other content creators create videos to show specific activity in specific cities or locations. Directly serving the tourism industry.

These videos are very useful for the visitors of this place and can inspire them to do activities that they were not familiar with.

The problem of content creators not cooperating financially, but on the other hand having to show a large number of destinations in the group, has occurred several times. Unlike those who take pictures indoors at the reception site.

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