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Ireland investigates TikTok's handling of children's data

Tik Tok takes care of teenage mental health

Average watch time for Tik Tok outperforms YouTube

Tik Tok no longer hosts cryptocurrency content

Tik Tok Master enters the world of Metaverse

Tik Tok cares about the next generation of cyber security professionals

Tik Tok is testing download videos for longer

TikTok bans challenge due to safety concerns

Tik Tok publishes new guidelines for parents to protect children

Thanks to influencers Tik Tok brings you the tourist attractions

Tik Tok tests shopping tabs with Shopify

Tik Tok is building its own augmented reality development platform

TikTok announces new partnership to make content creation easier

Tik Tok expands security measures for young users

Tik Tok has become an unofficial channel in Tokyo 2020

Tik Tok is the new in-flight entertainment option

Tik Tok is testing Snapchat-style stories

Tik Tok turns cybersecurity into esports

Tik Tok improves live broadcasting by adding new features

Tik Tok opens a pop-up store in the UK

Tik Tok remains the most downloaded app

Tik Tok restricts harmful content by automatically deleting it

With Tik Tok you can apply for a job

Tik Tok allows users to pay for videos

Artificial Intelligence for TikTok is available for sale

Tik Tok has longer videos for everyone

Tik Tok adds a applet to the video

TikTok allows itself to collect biometric data

Tik Tok offers some tips to help you achieve more distinction

With Tik Tok you can delete annoying comments in one go

Dedicated topics Tik Tok test summary

Tik Tok introduces a new way to merge videos

Tik Tok is struggling with its text-to-speech functionality

Tik Tok is testing in-app purchases to challenge Facebook

TikTok expands integration with external apps

TikTok adds automatic captions to videos

Pakistan prohibits Tik Tok due to obscene content

TikTok announces tools to deal with inappropriate comments

Tik Tok has signed an agreement with the UFC to broadcast mixed martial arts

Tik Tok is facing complaints across Europe

Tik Tok deal with Walmart has been postponed indefinitely

TikTok competes with Facebook for e-commerce

The Tik Tok test allows 3 minutes of streaming

Tik Tok allows parents to control their children's accounts