The leaker who was a double agent for Apple
The leaker who was a double agent for Apple

Technicians are very interested in leaks. These leaks appear daily on special technical sites. They usually tell us about the company's future plans, specifications and features of upcoming products, and Apple is probably one of the most important among those companies.

And Apple is very important in disclosing the secrecy. On the other hand, this is due to the users' interest in the company's products. On the other hand, the company’s development process is known to be slow, so any information about new functions or new products of the company is interesting.

For more than a year, an active member of an electronic community managed to divulge internal company documents and important information about the company and its products, but the person responsible for the leak was Apple's double agent!

The leaker who helped Apple

The leaker managed to cause a stir on Twitter and Discord. Its most notable manifestation is the leakage of information within the company to the community, including leaks of upcoming hardware designs, applications in development, etc.

On the flip side, the leaker could tell Apple who leaked the factory's iPhone prototype, the reporter who released the data, and even the identity of the factory employee who disclosed the information.

Andrei Shumeiko's infusion device is called YRH04E on the Internet. He decided to share his story with Apple in retaliation because it took advantage of him and did not reward him financially. as described.

Shomiko confirmed his allegations. Announce the text messages and emails he exchanged with company employees, especially security personnel. The department is known for fighting leaks and spreading information.

His relationship with this American company began in 2017, when he warned them of fraudulent activity against one of the company's stores. He looked at the company in the middle of 2020 while investigating a major leak. At that point, he became, he said, a "spy" for the company.

The leak contained a copy of iOS 14 that the iPhone hacking community was able to access via a raw copy of the iPhone 11 stolen from the Foxconn factory.

The problem started in China

Apple has sued a large number of Chinese citizens, including a reporter from Gizmodo, for leaking and selling the iPhone. Apple then began building relationships with members of the digital community (or forum) who specialize in iPhone leaks and jailbreaks, including Shumeiko.

Shomiko doesn't work with Apple very often. But when iOS 14 was leaked, Shumeiko managed to get hold of a copy. He also managed to figure out how the leak happened and then went on to give Apple the details.

Shomeko contacted the Apple security team via email. They were asked to provide them with the names and information of the people who leaked the system and to "hand over" some of the people who had been sold in China before the official launch of the iPhone, China of course. and information about US citizens who collected and purchased these devices.

In response to Shomiko's message, Apple asked her to contact a company employee through Signal or Telegram. He accepts.

During this conversation, Xiu Miko acted strangely. He also said that he regretted his past actions and was ready to atone for them, although no one asked him to. He also said that he is very popular in these communities and can use his reputation to gather information for the company.

Apple's double-client deal

Shomiko then shared a large amount of information with the Apple employee he was talking to. This prompted Apple to keep communication open with Shomiko for more than a full year, knowing that this conversation began in mid-2020.

Shumeko then began sharing numerous information with other leakers on Twitter, Discord, and other platforms. This double agent has been treated as a completely reliable source. One influential person in the field described him as having physical access to a lot of confidential information, which is natural given his cooperation with the company.

That is, at this stage, he was leaking information about the company's products and devices on social networks and media in order to increase his popularity. It happened with her consent.

Because of his influence in this field and the confidence of others in him. Shimoku has managed to gain fame and confidence. Until sometime in 2020, he compiled a list of the names, phone numbers, and addresses of China's most famous systems and hardware leakers. And send it to the company via email.

According to Shimoku, he was helping the company to avoid any future problems with it, and to improve his situation. While the employee he was communicating with asked about the possibility of getting paid for his efforts, the latter was not responsive, and did not share any details with him.

In a menacing manner, the employee of the security department told him that he had to continue to support the company and build a good image of himself. To be proud of and proud of the company.

the end

Shimoku continued over time to leak and transfer information to Apple. Including information about company employees who leak information online, and of course the company welcomed this information.

Shimoku exposed an employee of Apple's office in Germany. And who was trying to sell Apple Maps information, as well as information used to log into official employee accounts. Then Shimoku learned that this employee had been fired.

Shimoku continued to do his work. He expected Apple to help or reward him in any way, but the company never did. Shimoku felt at the time that the company was not worthy of what he offered it, and he felt sorry for the company's employee in Germany who was fired because of him.

Finally, Shimoku handed over additional information about the people involved in the earlier iOS 14 leak. With the passage of time, his relationship with the company and its employees gradually ceased without benefiting from them in any way.

In an attempt to make any profit from this whole story, Shimoku is once again trying to sell the company's inside information on Twitter. All reasonable sources also stated that Shimoku's confessions would affect Apple strongly. It will prevent anyone interested in providing assistance and information to the Company from doing so.

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