The US military relies on artificial intelligence technology
The US military relies on artificial intelligence technology

The published documents confirm that the US military relies on artificial intelligence technology to identify people based on photos. I relied on Clearview AI services and signed a contract with them.

Cleaview AI provides facial recognition services based on artificial intelligence that can be used by businesses, governments, universities and individuals.

In this decade, the company provides very important services to the US military, such as identifying criminal networks and strengthening measures to protect and protect sensitive areas.

According to the contract between the parties and other documents from internal sources, the company will provide significant discounts to the US military under the contract, and the US military will receive these services through the internal investigation order. Investigates criminal activities that may affect civil servants. with other uses.

The use of artificial intelligence by the US military

Clearview's AI facial recognition technology relies on billions of photos uploaded from social media.

Clearview AI typically allows users to browse through their existing photos. The search depends on the available images and then the artificial intelligence determines the owner of the image by searching the images taken from the Internet.

Therefore, it is possible to find out the information of the owner of the photo, since the search has earned him an account on the social network, which undoubtedly contains his basic information.

The number of images in the service's database is estimated to be more than 3 billion. The company offers free trials to thousands of police officers and some private security companies.

Investors seem to be interested in this company and the products it offers, as it raised up to $30 million in its latest investment round.

Controversial company

The company sources these images from social media sites such as Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, and LinkedIn. Overall, the company has received multiple allegations from these companies that removing user photos in this way goes against their policies.

The company has also been the subject of lawsuits from organizations such as the American Civil Liberties Union. Other destinations interested in digital security.

The contract was signed by the US Army and Clearview AI in September 2020. The AI ​​company offered the US military a discount, paying only $1,000 per license instead of $2,000.

The US Army paid for 15 licenses, and the application period for this contract is a full five years.

There is no doubt that the US military has expressed many reservations about the use of these technologies. Nate Whistler, the ACLU's attorney general for opinion and privacy, said she was concerned about the US military's use of Clearview artificial intelligence. Although they have already started to pursue business.

On the other hand, some observers concerned about this issue apologized to the US military. For public security agencies where these technologies are used to combat very serious crimes such as murder, rape, armed robbery, etc.

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