Tik Tok tests shopping tabs with Shopify
Tik Tok tests shopping tabs with Shopify

TikTok is entering the e-commerce space, and the company is announcing an expansion of its e-commerce platform Shopify partnership and will beta test TikTok for shopping at select Shopify retailers in the US, UK and Canada in the coming weeks.

The social video platform first announced its intention to partner with Shopify last October, introducing new tools that allow Shopify merchants to create, run, and optimize cross-platform marketing activities directly from the Shopify dashboard, as well as new integration with the Shopify in-house platform. TikTok Commercials Manager.

The extended deal goes even further. Soon, Shopify merchants with TikTok Business accounts will be able to add new shopping tags to their platform accounts and sync product listings to create mini stores in their accounts.

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The trial program will be implemented at Shopify merchants in the US and UK. It will be introduced to Canadian traders in the next few weeks. Merchants can apply to join the beta program through Shopify's TikTok channel.

Another aspect of the new partnership involves introducing merchant product links to Shopify. They can be used to tag products in platform videos.

This allows users of the platform to click on the selected products to be forwarded to the retail store.

“Content creators are leading the way in a new way of doing business with content, community, and acting as the keys,” Shopify said. By implementing a new in-app shopping experience for the first time and platform-wide product discovery, Shopify is leading the economy for content creators in one of the world's fastest growing social and entertainment platforms.

She added that there is a growing demand for companies to partner with Tik Tok. Note that from February 2020 to February 2021, the number of installs through Shopify's social commerce channels increased by 76%.

Tik Tok tests shopping tabs with Shopify

Over the years, the Chinese platform has steadily developed its e-commerce functionality, including introducing the Hashtag Challenge Plus 2019 test, which adds a purchase component to the tag to guide viewers in making purchases on the platform's website.

Additionally, brands like Levi's also use the "Buy Now" button. This allows consumers to make purchases through the links posted on the platform.

Plus the first reveal of the Shopify partnership last fall. Walmart has started using the platform for live shopping activities.

Earlier this year, the platform was preparing for further expansion of e-commerce in the US in 2021. This includes the ability for users to share product links, affiliate programs, and direct purchases. So try to challenge Facebook.

In addition, she later said that some brands in Europe have already started testing in-app purchases.

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