Twitter has redesigned its website and introduced new fonts
Twitter has redesigned its website and introduced new fonts

Twitter has released an updated version of its website which the company claims makes the website more intuitive, concise and easy to use.

The platform has introduced chirp fonts into their apps and feeds, which means your daily scrolling can be a little different than what you're used to.

As part of a larger brand update announced in January, the platform's core account posted changes to the Chirp chain.

The platform used calligraphy to create promotional materials and graphics. However, this is not the font you see when you feed or browse the app.

In the past, the company relied on product lines such as SF Pro, Roboto and Helvetica Neue to promote the brands.

The goal of Chirp is to provide clear, easy-to-read fonts for everyday use as well as a visual representation of the platform.

The goal is also to enable more personality, including when promoting brands.

When the platform first came out, it hadn't promised Chirp as a line of its biggest products. Although the creative director of this global brand said it was his personal wish.

My personal desire is to make Chirp the leading line of Twitter products, Derrit Derwin, the company's global creative director for the company, said in a January article about the new font.

The new font also has a trick: if you type [CHIRPBIRDICON] in the Tweet compose field, you can post the platform's logo on Twitter.

This word combines "chirp", "bird" and "icon" in one word. All characters must be uppercase in order to display.

Twitter has redesigned its website and introduced new fonts

Show that the font is not the only visual change introduced. The company promised to introduce new colors soon. Although it is not yet clear what that means.

"We've updated the colors to a higher contrast and lower blue to draw attention to the photos and videos you create and share," the platform said in a post on its design account.

Subscribers to the paid subscription service Twitter Blue can change the color of the app and the color of the app icon. Although the service is currently only available for iOS in Canada and Australia.

The way the Continue button appears has also changed. When you follow someone, the background of the follow button is not filled in, and when you are not following someone, the background of the follow button is filled with color.

As author Brian Merchant points out, this is the opposite of how the focus knob works. So be careful not to accidentally log out.

These changes may seem minor at this point. But as the platform offers its extended functionality, it may become more important. This is because the company can focus on specific actions that users have to take.

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