Zoom announces focus mode to prevent students from getting distracted
Zoom announces focus mode to prevent students from getting distracted

Zoom announced several updates to the popular video conferencing platform this week, including a new focus mode.

The platform aims to prevent students from being distracted in the virtual classroom while teachers can monitor everyone.

Once enabled, focus mode works so meeting attendees can't see the other party's video or screen share and the host can still see everyone's webcam.

The new mode offers some of the controls in webinar mode without the complexity and flexibility that comes with it.

For example, teachers can activate focus mode during a presentation and deactivate it again during class discussions.

Although hosting a webinar costs money, it seems that focus mode can be used with a free account.

Due to the constant threat from the novel coronavirus, many regions have introduced this feature for the new school year.

For some people, virtual classes can remain static. Hence, it is recommended that Zoom add features to improve distance learning.

As online courses become more important around the world, voice and video calling apps keep adding new features and improving their services for a better experience.

Zoom announces a new focus mode

While Focus Mode puts teacher video or screen sharing first for students, it won't be the only content on their screens.

Attendees will continue to watch their own videos, as well as any Host Highlights videos or messages that appear on the screen.

You can also see other participants' names and emoji reactions.

This feature appears to be a way to prevent students from getting distracted in the classroom and can be used outside of the learning environment.

For example, in a company presentation when the supervisor fears that employees may not be interested in the presentation.

The support article for Zoom Focus Mode states that this feature can be enabled or disabled for accounts, groups, or individual users. After enabling this feature for your account, it can be accessed by clicking on the More button during the meeting.

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