Twitter makes it easy to find the right audio room
Twitter makes it easy to find the right audio room

Twitter is experimenting with a way to make it easier to find domains that might interest you.

The platform is launching a new quiz that will show you when the people you follow on Twitter hear the audio room by highlighting the broadcast at the top of the timeline.

While the company hopes to make its audio room a larger part of the larger platform experience, exploring the rooms is now a major challenge. If the platform does not remind users of the room of sound that interests them, it loses significant engagement potential.

This is the main motivation for this new feature. So far, if the people you follow are talking in a Spaces chat, then the platform has. But it now also shows which rooms your friends are listening in and provides another way to highlight potential chats.

To protect privacy, the platform has also added a simple switch to turn off the alarm while listening in the audio room.

If you do not want subscribers to your channel to know which audio rooms you are participating in, you can deactivate them via the “Settings and Data Protection” menu. Then there's Privacy and Security and then turn it off to let subscribers know which audio rooms you're listening to.

Twitter makes it easy to find the right audio room

However, if you disable this feature, your presence in Spaces will not be hidden. When you enter the listening room, your buddies can still see you there.

More submissions lead to more recognition challenges. In fact, you now have a continuous broadcast and you need to filter it in real time to see the broadcast that every user wants to hear.

As a result, the platform recently added hashtags to the audio room that can be used to filter the list manually. This can play a huge role in filling each user's next "Spaces" tab.

Last week, the platform added another option to make it easier for other apps to identify rooms and make it easier to find rooms.

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