Samsung disables Z Fold 3 camera when changing software
Samsung disables Z Fold 3 camera when changing software

Samsung is trying to discourage users from using the new Galaxy Z Fold 3 to change the software because a message appears that unlocking the phone's bootloader will render the phone's camera unusable.

This is not the first time that a mobile phone manufacturer has resorted to such threats. But there appears to be an escalation in the battle between the South Korean company and users who want complete control of their phones.

One user confirmed that the camera in the phone stopped working after unlocking the bootloader.

"Face recognition is no longer working, whether it's a camera app or a third-party camera app," he said. He explained that locking the bootloader again would make the camera work again.

According to a photo posted by a forum member, while trying to unlock the bootloader on the Galaxy Z Fold 3, the user received a message saying: Unlock the bootloader (which may void your warranty) in order to install system software.

This will disable the camera and your phone or app may not work properly. To prevent unauthorized access to your personal data, please reset your phone to factory settings. This will erase all data including downloaded files and apps.

Samsung disables Z Fold 3 camera when changing software

While this may be an improvement, the company has had a very strong position in both groups before.

The Knox documentation will show if you have an unofficial version of Android installed on your phone. It permanently disables everything related to Knox security. It can only be restored by replacing the mobile phone hardware.

Also, unless the company changes how Knox works, these features will be disabled if the Galaxy Z Fold 3 is set as root after unlocking the bootloader.

This means that functions such as Samsung Pay and Secure Folder can no longer be used. This leaves your phone without a camera, without an NFC payment, and without a secure folder.

The Galaxy Z Flip 3 may have similar limitations. But this has not been confirmed.

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