Unbelievable myths about smartphone batteries
Unbelievable myths about smartphone batteries

A smartphone battery is one of the most important parts of a cell phone. In fact, it determines the number of hours of cell phone usage according to the capabilities of the cell phone, and since the cell phone does not leave the hand of the user in this day and age, everyone is interested in getting the cell phone and cell phone usage period. Financial support.

The importance of batteries has led to dozens of misunderstandings and misinformation about them. Hundreds of tips have appeared to help extend battery life, but some do not provide any benefit, and some tips can take time and effort from users.

In this article, we will discuss the most popular techniques for saving battery power. We also explained the validity of each piece of information and the basis for its construction. In addition to identifying unnecessary bad suggestions.

The phone can be charged after it reaches 100%


Even if the light on the screen in front of you reaches 100%, you can still charge your phone. However, in the long run, this will have a negative impact on the phone's battery life.

The smartphone deliberately prevents the battery from being fully charged. Because it can cause internal damage. In other words, you will not be able to charge your phone more than 100% under normal circumstances because the phone will not allow it but the same information is correct.

Cell phone battery charges faster in Airplane mode

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This suggestion is a general advice and will be distributed to all users according to their technical interest. This information is reasonably correct. Because turning on Airplane mode prevents the phone from sending or receiving waves.

This will prevent the phone from interacting with network waves, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, etc. This, in turn, reduces power consumption, which means that the phone charges faster because the battery does not drain quickly.

Following the same idea, turning on Airplane mode when the phone is not charging will cause a slower performance loss.

Therefore, turning on Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, auto-sync, and other technologies will drain battery power while they are on. Therefore, it is recommended to disable these features if you are not currently using them.

Using non-original chargers will damage your phone


Inside each charger there is an electronic control unit that is used specifically to adjust the current sent to the device during charging. So if you're using a non-original charger that doesn't have a high-quality microcontroller, the charger may be able to give your phone more power than it can handle.

Your phone will not be injured instantly or the battery will be damaged, but long-term use of this charger will quickly lose its life.

On the other hand, charging a cell phone from a computer or laptop does not do the same harm. Since charging through these devices sends less current because the charging speed is very slow, this is good for the battery.

Turn off your phone and enjoy a good battery life


This is one of the most common myths. But this is wrong: since the nickel-metal hydride battery became the main battery, this myth was passed on to us. Use lithium-ion batteries beforehand.

With our current cell phone battery, you will never need to turn off the phone for a short period of time, but you can restart the phone from time to time as this will usually improve system performance.

Cell phone batteries work best in cold weather


Using a cell phone at normal temperature (room temperature) is an ideal prerequisite for a battery. Using the phone when the battery is hot may affect the life of the battery.

The same goes for the common cold unless there is a need to avoid using your phone when it is very cold.

The phone should charge when it reaches 0%


When the battery is 50% full, the battery is working normally. Although 0% empty or 100% full is not the best case for them.

So the user should charge the phone when the battery reaches 10% or 15% and disconnect it from the charger before the battery reaches 100%.

 Charging the phone to 100% hurts the battery


This information is closely related to the aforementioned information. But contrary to what some think, in this case the phone does not receive more power than it can handle, but reaches 100% and then consumes a small amount of energy because it is already working, and in this case it starts again to receive power, and the process is repeated.

Replacing your phone battery is a good thing


Your battery gets damaged over time due to heat, frequent charging cycles, and the repetition of any errors that affect it, thus replacing it with a new one improves the general condition of your device and the life of its battery. But the most important rule is to replace the battery with an original one.

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