Can foldable phones produce the 3D TV experience?
Can foldable phones produce the 3D TV experience?

Samsung held its much awaited press conference a few days ago. The company introduced its new devices and products. However, the most obvious news is regarding the Galaxy Z Fold 3 and Galaxy Z Flip 3 foldable phones.

Samsung hopes to demonstrate the advanced level of this new mobile phone during the meeting. But the most important thing for the company is to convince users that these phones can enter users' lives and replace old traditional phones.

Foldable phones offer features that other phones don't. This is something Samsung was trying to make clear to everyone present at the meeting. In no time at all, these phones turn into foldable tablets or beautiful, compact boxes that can be flipped.

Samsung foldable phone

The new version of Samsung's foldable phone has seen some pretty big changes. It starts with being water and dust resistant to improve processing materials and increase the life of the internal screen by 80%.

These new versions can be called 3D TVs, but they belong to the field of smartphones. It is known that such devices are complex and expensive to manufacture, and their use in reality depends on the quality of the content provided to them.

If we follow the history of foldable mobile phones from Samsung, we will find that the company incurred great losses from this invention but did not give up. The first Galaxy Fold was introduced in 2019. The device initially had some screen issues.

Even after fixing these issues and rebooting, it is close to a complete and reliable phone. The first Flip Edition was originally an interesting entertainment product. Although it doesn't really introduce any new features.

The biggest issue with Samsung's first foldable phone is its price. The Galaxy Fold is priced at $180, while the Galaxy Flip is $1380.

The next generation of these phones is much better, but on the one hand the price is very high, and on the other hand the reliability is poor. The current third generation is the best in terms of price and reliability.

The future of this technology

Foldable devices are compared to 3D TVs because, as described above, they all offer new, innovative and expensive experiences. Hence, the success of these devices depends on several factors, including support for their programs and applications.

Galaxy Z Fold 3 can be used as a traditional smartphone or tablet. However, the experience may vary depending on how well each user app supports different metrics between the two screens.

3D TV was introduced in 2010. This is a new technology that enables regular TVs to support 3D content and can be viewed using dedicated glasses as in the cinema. Many companies are interested in this technology and are aggressively promoting it, including Samsung itself.

Less than five years later, this technology has been forgotten. No one paid any attention to it and no one developed new functions and features for it. On the one hand, the stifling factor was the weakness of support and tolerance for its development, on the other hand. If these factors cut the path of folding, you may suffer the same fate.

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