Walmart Explores the World of Cryptocurrency
Walmart Explores the World of Cryptocurrency

Walmart is looking for a cryptocurrency expert to develop a blockchain strategy, join more and more large companies, and study the feasibility of digital currencies like Bitcoin.

As per the job requirements posted on the trading giant’s website, the position is responsible for formulating digital currency strategies and product roadmaps, as well as identifying crypto-related investments and partnerships. The new directors will work in the company's Arkansas office.

For example, suppose the individual has a history of running and growing a business. Combining more than ten years of experience in product or project management and technology-based product marketing.

In addition, the ideal candidate is an expert in the field of cryptocurrency and its main players, as well as in the field of blockchain.

While Wal-Mart's specific intentions are unclear, the job description refers to a wide range of payment options for its in-store and online customers.

The hiring process at Walmart came weeks after rival Amazon posted similar sites. This indicates that the largest US retailer may soon allow its customers to pay for their purchases using cryptocurrency.

PayPal began enabling certain customers of the Venmo app to buy, sell and hold crypto earlier this year, and it ramped up its efforts last week.

Walmart Explores the World of Cryptocurrency

This shouldn't be too surprising. While Amazon denies accepting bitcoin payments and affirms its interest in cryptocurrencies, cryptocurrencies and blockchain in general have received a lot of money during the pandemic.

Whether it is the emergence of blockchain-related assets such as NFT tokens. Or big movie chain AMC decided to accept crypto payments to attract new audiences online. It seems that people are eager to experiment with speculative digital assets.

Walmart's interest in the crypto world is not surprising. In 2019, the company filed a patent for a digital asset associated with the creation of a digital currency unit, which in turn is linked to a regular currency unit.

Walmart said in the document that the digital currency could be pegged to the US dollar. Available to some retailers or partners.

A future in which Walmart and Amazon increasingly accept alternative payment methods seems possible. 18% of American adults say they can use cryptocurrency to purchase basic necessities. Such as groceries and household items.

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