WhatsApp allows you to transfer chat history between iOS and Android
WhatsApp allows you to transfer chat history between iOS and Android

When switching from iOS to Android, WhatsApp offers the option to keep your chat history with you, including all your voice memos, photos, and chat history safely.

In previous leaks, it appears that the platform is building this functionality into a built-in Android transfer app called Google Data Transfer Tool.

With Google Data Transfer, users can transfer their files from one Android device to another or switch from iOS to Android.

The long-running feature was announced at Samsung's Galaxy Unpacked event to announce its foldable phone.

This feature applies to Samsung's sending tool called Smart Switch. It helps users to transfer contacts, photos, music, messages, notes, and calendars to Galaxy devices.

This feature initially includes iOS migration to the new Galaxy Z Flip 3, Galaxy Z Fold 3, and other Samsung phones in the coming weeks.

This feature will later cover all transfers between iOS and Android phones. Good thing it's not clear when it will be available for all devices.

The new feature should help solve one of the platform's most annoying elements, which is its official inability to transfer chat history between mobile operating systems.

If you choose the cloud backup feature of WhatsApp, your iOS chat history will be saved to iCloud and your Android chat history will be saved to Google Drive, which means your chat history can be transferred between phones running the same operating system.

The new feature uses a Lightning data cable to physically transfer chat history over USB-C instead of sending it over the Internet.

If you switched between iOS and Android in the past and have two separate backups on the cloud. The new forwarding feature doesn't combine them into a single chat history.

Instead, the platform said that if you use it to migrate and backup your chat history, it will replace any existing backups.

WhatsApp allows you to transfer chat history

The platform indicated that the new features initially allowed iOS to migrate to Samsung's new foldable device. Lets move to Samsung devices running Android 10 and above in the coming weeks.

He didn't want to say when the feature would appear on non-Samsung Android phones or when porting from Android to iOS would be possible.

The company stated that creating such a feature is not easy. By default, messages are encrypted by the universal service and stored on the user's device.

The company said that creating a tool to transfer chat history between operating systems will require additional work from WhatsApp, the operating system and device manufacturers to build it in a secure manner.

And she added: Your messages on WhatsApp are for you. For this reason, your phone will save it by default. It is not accessible in the cloud like many other email services. We are glad to be able to easily and securely transfer your chat history from one operating system to another. For many years, this has been one of the most requested features by users and we have worked with operating systems and hardware manufacturers to address this issue.

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