Google has added an interactive search periodic table
Google has added an interactive search periodic table

To make the transition to post-pandemic life easier for children and families, Google has announced new features for search and voice assistants.

New features include Family Watchlists, new ways to start your daily life, and new Google Nest Hub stories and puzzles.

Family Bell Comes to Mobile: Family Bell is a Google Assistant-powered smart screen and speaker feature that allows families to set up school-style bell reminders for various activities throughout the day.

Doorbell advertisements are triggered by smart speakers and smart screens that support assistants. But now the user can choose if he wants to make a call.

Family Bell Menu: The Nest Hub is getting new customizable bells. These bells start a checklist on the Nest Hub screen to help motivate children to complete required tasks (set by their parents), such as: make a bed, do your homework, brush your teeth and much more.

When you're done, the Nest Hub will play fun sounds and animations while you're on vacation.

A new way to start your daily work: You can now add Ignored Alerts as triggers to your daily work. Once you set up this feature through the Google Home app, the voice assistant will start your daily life automatically when you turn off your alarm, letting you know about the weather, providing updates, playing music, and so on.

New Stories and Puzzles: Users will soon be able to read Pottermore Publishing stories on smart screens using Google Assistant or Android devices.

In addition, the company has teamed up with publisher The English Schoolhouse. The goal is to provide the Assistant with more different learning tools and stories over the next few weeks. Parents can play puzzles with their kids on the Nest Hub.

Google adds an interactive periodic table

3D Periodic Table: The company's research in mobile devices and desktop computers has resulted in a new 3D periodic table that allows students to quickly visualize an atom.

The names of the chemical elements as well as their symbols and ordinal numbers are shown on the right. When you select an item from the table, an interactive 3D visualization appears on the left.

Students can zoom in on atoms to see more details, such as electrons, protons, and neutrons orbiting the nucleus.

Real-time translation:
If you need to memorize a specific word or phrase, you can use the real-time translation assistant button in the search.

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