With Android you can use facial expressions to control your phone
With Android you can use facial expressions to control your phone

Google is developing a new accessibility feature for Android that lets you control your phone using facial expressions like smiling or raising an eyebrow.

Android has long provided accessibility APIs for developers to create apps and experiences designed to help people with disabilities, although they are not always used for that purpose.

The company intends to divide applications that use the Accessibility API into several categories. Including screen readers, switch-based access systems, and voice-based access systems.

The company's Android Accessibility Suite app provides a suite of tools for people with disabilities to access their devices.

The latest Android Accessibility Suite update provides users with a new way to control the device using the camera key.

Android Accessibility Suite 12.0.0 Beta is included in the fourth version of Android 12 Beta released for Pixel phones a few days ago.

The updated app causes the camera to switch to "Change Access," which is the accessibility feature included in the Android Accessibility Suite app.

Switch access includes tools that allow you to interact with Android devices without using a touch screen. With Switch Access, you can connect external devices via USB or Bluetooth to select items, scroll, write, etc.

You can now use the camera key to control your device with your facial expressions. The camera key currently supports the assignment of certain gestures through certain commands. Although the list could be expanded in the future.

With Android, you can use facial expressions to control your phone

For example, you can ask the app to open the notification panel when it detects that you are opening your mouth. You can also ask the app to return the phone to the home screen when it detects that you are raising your eyebrows.

When you turn on the camera switch, you will see a permanent notification icon to let you know that the camera is in use. Whenever the device's camera is used, Android 12 displays a status bar indicator. So this notification icon can appear as unnecessary.

However, the updated version of the Android Accessibility Suite does not appear to be specific to Android 12 devices. APK files can be downloaded and the new camera switching functions can be accessed across Android 11 devices.

Since the updated version does not appear to be shared with users through Google Play, you will have to wait for the update to start or download the APK file from an external site.

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