Xiaomi abandons the Mi brand
Xiaomi abandons the Mi brand

A spokesperson said that Xiaomi is phasing out the Mi brand. Products, including flagship smartphones like this year's Xiaomi 11, bear the company's name.

The company became the largest smartphone brand in the world that year. In order to differentiate its products from each other, the company has divided its products into several sub-brands of which the most famous is Mi.

Ten years after the launch of the first Xiaomi-branded smartphone, the company is facing major changes because it will no longer use the name of the Xiaomi-branded product.

A company spokesperson said: Starting in the third quarter of 2021, the Xiaomi product line will be renamed to Xiaomi.

This change unifies the global brand image and closes the knowledge gap between the brand and the product. It may take some time for this change to take effect in all regions.

The company announced that it will continue to maintain the Redmi brand, which means that the company's premium products and Redmi products will form a premium lineup of products.

The spokesperson added: With the launch of the new brand identity, there are two completely different product lines under the brand.

Xiaomi products represent the pinnacle of technology and deliver a great experience. Redmi products offer big innovations at affordable prices and target a small audience.

This difference is also reflected in the updated logo, and the Xiaomi and Redmi logos can be found under the logo of the parent brand.

Future Xiaomi products will not bear the Mi brand

Although the company is known for its smartphones, it also sells several products in the smart home, lifestyle, and IT categories. Including TVs, laptops, refrigerators, deep fryers, smart watches, scooters, robots, hair dryers, etc.

Most of these products are Mi branded, but this will change with each new product they launch in the market.

This naming agreement will also apply to our ecosystem and IoT products over time, the spokesperson said. Although Xiaomi Mijia stores still use the Xiaomi brand logo.

The latest Mi Mix series of phones released this month heralds a transformation - the company calls it Mi Mix 4, and previous phones are called Mi Mix, Mi Mix 2 and Mi Mix 3.

The Xiaomi brand is mainly used in the western market, probably for reading and pronunciation purposes, while mobile phones like Xiaomi 11 in China are referred to as Xiaomi 11.

What is clear, however, is that the company believes its name is now known and can better represent its products.

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