YouTube subscribers get Stadia Pro for free
YouTube subscribers get Stadia Pro for free

As long as you're a new subscriber, Google gives YouTube Premium subscribers a free three-month trial to try out the games included with Stadia Pro. When you subscribe to Stadia, the offer is automatically applied to eligible accounts.

And there may be someone who has never tried Stadia before and is willing to pay to remove ads from YouTube.

Hence, three months is a long time to see if cloud gaming is right for him, which is two months longer than a Stadia free trial.

Financing is subject to certain conditions. In addition to restricting free months to new subscribers, Google offers promotions only in the following countries/regions. USA, Canada, France, Germany, Hungary, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Romania, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland and UK.

If you already have a subscription or trial of Stadia Pro, you will not be able to participate in the promotion.

This offer is available to YouTube Premium subscribers who have personal, family, and student accounts.

According to the company, you can request a promotion before January 31, 2022 and it must be availed before February 14, 2022.

If you cancel, you will have to pay the Stadia Pro price of $9.99 per month after the three months are up and you will no longer have access to games that you did not purchase.

Stadia Pro provides the benefits of a game library and HD video quality for streaming games. This service requires you to provide a valid payment method upon registration. However, bills will not be issued until after the three months have elapsed. You can unsubscribe at any time.

YouTube subscribers get Stadia Pro for free

It's worth noting that the game selection that you can currently get for free is somewhat selective. There are popular modern games (such as Killer), small indie games (such as Floor Kids), and classic options (such as Killer Queen Black).

Most newer versions require you to purchase them directly. This way, you can find something to play with.

Stadia Pro subscribers also get discounts. Despite Google pulling out of Stadia, the platform will continue to have exciting new releases available for purchase from their store.

Additionally, Stadia also offers games like Destiny 2 and Super Bomberman R Online that can be played for free with a Google account. You don't need to show your credit card to see if Stadia is right for you.

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