A futuristic addition that improves the wheelchair
A futuristic addition that improves the wheelchair

Millions of people with disabilities around the world are benefiting from the development of wheelchairs. Because it enables them to rely more on themselves in addition to moving freely and quickly.

Modern wheelchairs have very important advantages. However, these chairs are usually quite bulky so it may be difficult for users to purchase more than one chair.

Therefore, the two experts began to design and develop accessories for the existing chair, which gave them many new functions and functions. From cycling inspiration to robotics.

wheelchair accessories

The addition of the UNAwheel Maxi is one of the most popular wheelchair products launched recently. Wheelchairs can be converted into bicycles.

This accessory can be easily attached to most conventional wheelchairs, especially in front of the wheelchair, and does not add much weight.

Additional functions have buttons that can increase or decrease speed like an electric bike, as well as turn and change direction functions.

The steering part is made of a combination of metal and plastic. Although the handle is made of rubber, it also provides a simple user experience and opens up new horizons for purposeful people.

This additional feature is equipped with a rechargeable battery that can travel a full 30 kilometers on a single charge and the wheelchair can reach a speed of 20 kilometers per hour once installed.

The innovation doesn't stop there, as Revolve Air has introduced a foldable wheelchair that is easy to transport and store, especially on airplanes.

With this innovation, wheelchair users no longer have to arrive early to store their seats on the plane before the flight. The size of the folded chair is 30% of its original size. The company plans to launch its new products by 2022.

Also, creative solutions began to touch the areas of transportation and communications. Due to their addiction to electric chairs, determined people often have problems with transportation.

Bird worked with Scootaround to bring the first comfort utility vehicle to market. This collaboration provides three different vehicles that can be played via the Bird app.

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