Leading companies develop passport applications for the vaccine
Leading companies develop passport applications for the vaccine

Many cities around the world, especially the United States, have begun to prevent people who have not been vaccinated against the Corona virus from entering restaurants, parties, and even some workplaces. A quick proof of vaccination is required here, for example a vaccination certificate.

Technology leaders such as Google, Apple and Samsung are developing solutions to prove that a coronavirus vaccine is obtained electronically without the need to carry medical reports or paper results.

While the idea is not difficult or complicated, the big tech companies have yet to come up with solutions to track people infected with the coronavirus. I made a bad impression on him.

Vaccine passport applications

The tracking app relies on Bluetooth technology to connect the surrounding phones to each other. The purpose of this is to send a notification to the owner of the phone when the phone is near the phone of a person infected with the Corona virus and the result of the test is positive.

These applications have faced many problems all over the world. These are of course technical problems. Including slow notifications and poor performance.

The vaccination record application is easier to implement, but business will be affected by the crowded market for these applications in some countries, on the other hand, Apple and Google are surrounded by huge doubts and concerns about privacy.

Samsung recently announced that Galaxy devices will support ePassport and users will only be able to prove they've been vaccinated through their mobile phone, especially through the CommonHealth app.

These smart applications and solutions can prevent users from using weak and unsafe alternatives. When the vaccination log functionality is developed by a leading technology company, either as a standalone application or as part of the system, the overall user experience is improved.

Indeed, these solutions will reduce the process of deception and falsification of the results of the analysis. Since all users have cell phones from Google, Samsung or Apple, it is also easy to confirm that they have received the vaccine. Simply scan the QR code to complete the verification process.

These requests must provide a high level of confidentiality. In addition, it is not necessary to disclose personal data to users via the application. It is enough to determine whether a person has been vaccinated or not.

In fact, Google announced in June that Android will be able to save analytics results. The iOS 15 version that Apple's operating system expects will offer similar features.

Immunization log applications and solutions probably require more attention from technology leaders, in addition to the importance of ubiquity and ease of use. With the development of advanced systems to ensure the accuracy of information. Instead of uploading pictures of Mickey Mouse as proof of vaccination and acceptance.

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