Amazon allows a third party to monitor the door camera for you
Amazon allows a third party to monitor the door camera for you

Amazon has launched its latest home monitoring concept with its Ring subsidiary. This is because the company now allows full-time employees to guard the house on your behalf. The new service is being subscribed to on a monthly basis and is called Virtual Security Guard.

As announced by the company, the new service will require the Ring Alarm system for protection and home monitoring whether it is the first, second or new generation, the company announced yesterday. The monthly subscription fee for the service is $99 and the Ring Protect Plus subscription is $20.

This service works perfectly with all Ring products. Including door cameras, doorbell systems, spotlights and contact cameras. The user can select the appropriate equipment and tools and select the location he wants to monitor.

When monitoring and protection devices detect strange actions, they alert employees/customers who are viewing the house. Then it works according to the rules and preferences established in consultation with the user. He can also communicate with the people on the doorstep.

In addition, in the event of a serious danger, customers can set off alarms themselves or contact emergency services.

Amazon External Monitoring Service

The process of stalking and protecting comes in sequential stages, the first of which is having the staff talk to anyone standing outside or trying to enter the house. He told her to go and explained that he was under surveillance.

If the person refuses to leave, the employee sets off an alarm built into the camera, monitoring and protection equipment. Then he called the local emergency services on the one hand, and on the other hand informed the owner of the accident and sent him a recorded video of the accident.

Virtual Security Guard is entirely based on motion sensors. As long as there is no movement in front of the camera, the employees are not alerted. The employee can then see the content of the camera and cannot follow the content without moving in front of the sensor.

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