Netflix acquires the first video game studio
Netflix acquires the first video game studio

Netflix announced that it has acquired video game developer Night School Studio and has launched five mobile games in select European markets.

In fact, the company is looking to diversify its revenue sources against the backdrop of increasingly fierce competition in the broadcasting industry.

Night School Studio is the company's premier game studio, best known for its first game Oxenfree, a teenage superhero action game with a whimsical soundtrack.

Available on Sony's PlayStation, Microsoft Xbox, Nintendo's Switch, and PC, the studio's games are the first offline games in the streaming giant's new line of video games.

Just like our shows and movies, all of these games are included in your subscription. Not all of them contain ads or in-app purchases.

Netflix mentioned plans to get into the gaming space in its latest quarterly earnings report, as new players like Disney Plus and HBO Max rapidly grow subscriber numbers and increase competition in the media space.

The company said it has made Stranger Things: 1984, Stranger Things 3: The Game, Card Blast, Seesaw and Shooting Basketball games available to its members in Spain and Italy through Android.

In addition, Polish subscribers can use Stranger Things and receive three more games.

Netflix launches mobile games

"We see games as another new category of content," the company said. Similar to our extension to the original movies and animations. We think it's time to learn more about how our members rate the game.

"We hope to expand our endeavours in storytelling and design through unique, innovative and dynamic games," Sean Krankel of Night School Studio said in a statement.

"Netflix is ​​now empowering movie, television and video game producers to deliver high-quality entertainment to millions of people."

Earlier this year, it hired broadcast media giant Mike Verdo, who previously worked at EA and Oculus, to take over the game.

In addition, an important change can be seen in the screenshot. The game section has its own section in the bottom navigation bar. This makes it easier for users browsing the app to see it.

According to the data, the company is still in the early stages of gaming trials, and it has not yet been announced when it might be listed in the US.

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