Amazon bans 600 Chinese brands
Amazon bans 600 Chinese brands

Amazon has permanently banned more than 600 Chinese brands in 3,000 different seller accounts.

These were statistics for its global operations five months later, the company said, and that these trademarks were often deliberately and severely banned for violating company policies, particularly those related to abuse of opinion.

According to the company, its activities are not aimed at China or any other country. It also shows that the shutdown did not have any negative impact on the overall growth of Chinese traders on the platform.

The South China Morning Post previously reported these numbers, citing an interview with the Vice President of Amazon Asia on Public Television.

Amazon's work started with a report by Nicole Nguyen of the Wall Street Journal on how companies like RavPower are giving out gift cards in exchange for feedback.

In 2016, the company banned incentive reviews and took regular action against these violations. However, the process is challenging, as some of these offers are disguised in the form of VIP test plans or extended warranty periods.

Other companies only offer rewards after you leave a bad review, give you free products or a refund instead of returning the product as long as you clear your bad review.

Amazon campaign against fake reviews continues

Although, problematic practices, such as paying for positive reviews, often go unchecked on Chinese e-commerce platforms. Amazon launched a large-scale cleanup of such activities in May.

This practice affected tens of thousands of Chinese businessmen. However, Amazon relentlessly punishes product review violations to protect consumer rights.

A company spokesperson said, “Customers rely on the accuracy and effectiveness of product reviews to make informed purchasing decisions. We have established clear guidelines for auditors and business partners to prevent abuse of our community functions.” We ban and ban. And let us take legal action against those who violate these guidelines, regardless of who their whereabouts.

He added, “The company continues to improve disclosure of abuse and take action against representatives.

The Amazon raid hit some of the biggest Chinese brands on its platform, including Aukey, Mpow and Youkeshu.

Youkeshu said his $20 million fund has been frozen by the US e-commerce giant.

The event prompted some Chinese companies to increase their investments in other international trading platforms such as eBay and AliExpress.

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