Sony Makes SSD Disks for PlayStation 5
Sony Makes SSD Disks for PlayStation 5

Sony developed an aftermarket SSD for the PlayStation 5, but it comes from its subsidiary Nextorage.

SSD support, which came to market after PlayStation 5, officially supports third-party SSD upgrades that were released a few days ago.

And many companies have released SSD upgrade products designed or developed specifically for the current generation of platforms. But Nextorage PCIe 4.0 x4 M.2 NVMe SSD ensures excellent performance.

The NEM-PA Series offers 1TB and 2TB SSD drives with industry-leading performance levels.

Storage rates next 2TB with sequential read/write rates up to 7300/6900MB/s Random read/write performance reaches 1 million I/Os per second.

In terms of lifespan, the NEM-PA is rated at 2TB to 1400TB with the TBW writing scale, and a total of 2GB of DDR4 RAM is used for caching purposes.

The performance of the 1TB version is slightly slower, this is a typical SSD design and offers sequential read/write rates of up to 7300/6000MB/s. The random read speed is rated at 750,000 I/S operations.

The random-write performance of the 2TB version maintains 1 million I/Os. In terms of service life, the nominal capacity of the NEM-PA is 1 TB, while the capacity on the TBW scale is 700 TB.

Sony allows adding SSDs to PlayStation 5

Both capacities come with aluminum heaters that will surely meet Sony's upgrade of your PlayStation 5's built-in SSD needs.

This Japanese company has chosen to use the Nextorage brand on this product rather than marketing it under its own brand, which is a bit odd given that its name is more impactful and unique than Nextorage.

This disc is very suitable for PS5. However, even though the manufacturer is affiliated with Sony, it doesn't seem to have an official PlayStation certification stamp.

Nextorage describes itself as a Sony group company that specializes in storage solutions.

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