Amazon Echo Show 15 is aimed at the home wall
Amazon Echo Show 15 is aimed at the home wall

Amazon has announced a new version of its Echo Show smart device. These are smart screens that display content interactively. The new version is the Echo Show 15, which has a resolution of 15 inches and 1080p.

The company introduces a new design in this version as it uses an elegant and attractive shape instead of a screen connected to a large speaker. The new screen provides an optimal user experience for the whole family. It has features like adding and tracking notes, destination lists.

The new version offers all the functionality that was in the old version. It can play music at home, view content and control other smart devices, of course there is full Alexa support.

Since the screen can be larger in size, display more content, and permanently install important content on the screen, these tools are modified based on the user's needs and usage.

Amazon has also started developing an API that allows developers to add additional functionality and functionality to the screen and integrate them with Alexa Skills.

Amazon Echo Show 15 is aimed at the home wall

The new screen does not allow full customization of its content. Because half of it is fixed and shows its variable content. The other half contains only tools.

Due to the improved zoom ratio, the screen supports picture-in-picture. This function allows content to be played in a small part of the screen in the form of a pop-up window. The screen also supports Full HD resolution for viewing content from Netflix, Hulu, and of course, Amazon Prime Video.

The design of the Echo Show 15 mimics the design of picture frames. This is because the user can only use it to view still images such as paintings. It also includes a sensor that makes it possible to automatically adjust its brightness to the ambient light.

Amazon has requested that the Echo Show 15 be hung on the wall, but the company confirmed that it will provide additional accessories, including accessories that allow the screen to be attached to any flat surface instead of hanging.

The Echo Show 15 smart display has a 5MP front camera which is mainly used for video calls. It can also identify the people who use it from among the registered people.

The screen also helps prevent children from accessing certain types of content who also rely on Amazon's parental control services and visual identification capabilities. Amazon said it now relies on a specialized neuroprocessor called the AZ2.

Speaking of general processing, the company has confirmed that this is done entirely on the device and that no information is shared with the company's servers.

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