Apple: iPad mini scrolling issue doesn't need fix
Apple: iPad mini scrolling issue doesn't need fix

Apple's redesigned iPad mini was revealed to the public on Friday, and users began complaining about scrolling issues when using the tablet in portrait orientation.

The tablet appears to refresh the left and right halves of the screen at slightly different speeds, creating a frosty micro-scroll effect. But it is striking.

The problem can be observed when scrolling up and down a webpage or document relatively slowly. The left side of the screen seems to follow the right side, which makes the text section look rubbery and shaky to the finer eye.

When you swipe your finger to scroll the page, this effect makes one side of the screen appear more responsive than the other.

In addition, some users claim that it is boring to look at and can cause eyestrain.

This issue also appears to affect the screen in landscape mode, where the left and right halves of the screen become the top and bottom halves of the screen.

However, in most applications, horizontal scrolling is not as common as vertical scrolling, which makes the effect less noticeable. Some users have reported that they may not notice this issue in landscape mode.

It's not clear if the iPad mini is causing this problem or if Apple can fix it with a software update.

In this regard, the company said that the iPad 6th generation mini freezer roll problem is normal LCD behavior.

Apple says this is normal LCD behavior

Since these screens update line by line, there is a slight delay between when the line at the top and bottom of the screen is refreshed. This can lead to uneven scrolling issues as seen on the iPad.

This effect is evident on the iPad mini, but not on other iPads with an LCD refresh rate of 60Hz, just like the iPad Air 4.

In portrait mode there is a clear dividing line in the middle of the screen. As shown in the test, this is not an issue that has nothing to do with the edges of the screen itself. But the company doesn't think there are any hardware or software issues that need to be fixed.

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