Amazon prepares to release Kindle Paperwhite soon
Amazon prepares to release Kindle Paperwhite soon

The new generation Kindle appears to have leaked through a comparison chart that has been removed by Amazon Canada.

According to the image, the company is clearly preparing to launch the new Kindle Paperwhite in the coming days.

Two new devices appeared on the table, the Kindle Paperwhite at $117 and the signed Kindle Paperwhite at $164.

Compared to the current 6-inch Paperwhite, both have a larger 6.8-inch E-Ink display. The more expensive models are those with new wireless charging options, more storage space and lighting that adapts to ambient lighting.

The Kindle Paperwhite 5 e-reader has 8GB of storage while the Kindle Paperwhite Signature Edition has 32GB of storage.

The density of 300 pixels per inch has not changed either. However, the number of LEDs on the device's headlight has been increased from 5 to 17 in the current Paperwhite, and the color temperature must also be adjustable, as in the current Kindle Oasis.

The screens of both devices, just like the current Paperwhite, are IPX8 water-resistant. It includes a wireless network connection. Cell models are not mentioned, however.

While the new Kindle Paperwhites inherit some features from Oasis, Amazon's advanced e-reader also retains some exclusive features.

According to the comparison table, these features include ergonomic design, page orientation that automatically rotates, and physical buttons to rotate pages.

Amazon is preparing to launch in the coming days

There is no mention of the type of USB port the new Kindle uses. After using micro-USB for so long, it's not clear if Amazon is finally considering switching to USB-C. Even the Premium Kindle Oasis still uses the old USB port.

The news about these two models came after the launch of the new Kindle user interface, which was released as a basic update for every Kindle device manufactured since 2015.

The new design adds a navigation bar to make it easier to navigate between the device's home screen, the library, and the book being read. This new interface is expected to be preinstalled on new Kindle devices upon release.

It's not clear when Amazon will officially announce the new e-reader. Usually the physical activity is at the end of September.

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