Microsoft Surface Duo 2 supports 5G network
Microsoft Surface Duo 2 supports 5G network

Microsoft is expected to showcase the Surface Duo 2 at the Surface Handheld Computing event on September 22nd.

A new FCC document released on September 17 revealed more details about the upcoming device. While the images, plans, and detailed descriptions are preserved until January 2022, they are still so.

While most of the data is under C3K1995 (C3K is Microsoft code, 1995 is FCC product code), these are normal test results. However, some details confirm that it is in fact the Surface Duo 2.

It is indicated as a mobile device in all documents. There are different references to different types of test devices, including fold and open.

The device is also equipped with 4G and 5G functionality. Hearing aid use has been tested, which is required for digital cordless phones.

Up to firmware version number 2021.728.20 corresponds to the format used by Surface Duo.

Aside from confirming Wi-Fi 8021.11b/g/n/ax (also known as Wi-Fi 6), 5G multiband, NFC, and UWB (likely for accessories and fast file transfers, like Narrow Sharing) there's when it comes to transferring Power wirelessly, also known as wireless charging.

However, it is not clear if wireless charging supports the Qi standard. The device is too thin to fit inside a qi coil and difficult to operate while reducing the heat generated.

Microsoft is hosting a Surface event on September 22

Another theory for Qi wireless charging is that the Surface Duo 2 can support inductive charging of the Surface Pen, just as Apple's iPad can charge the Apple Pencil when magnetically attached to the device.

The actual features of the Surface Pen and Surface Duo 2 in Android, such as haptic feedback, storage and assist, have not been widely used, which makes them a bit vague.

However, we haven't indicated that we'd like to see the new triple camera system on the Surface Duo 2. This new camera system is expected to add a camera hump on the back of the device. As seen in the leaked photos earlier this year.

The Surface Duo 2 is also expected to feature Qualcomm's latest Snapdragon 888 processor. It includes other minor changes like moving the fingerprint reader to the power button and centering the USB-C port along the bottom right side.

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