Amazon starts supplying home surveillance drones
Amazon starts supplying home surveillance drones

Millions of users around the world need to keep their homes under constant surveillance. Especially when there are children in the house. In addition, home monitoring reduces the risk of theft or unintended access. And Amazon offers a special device in this regard, the Ring Always Home Camera.

Amazon released this camera the previous year, but announced the start of an on-demand delivery and hardware conference as part of the testing phase. The new camera is an Amazon Ring camera, but it's mounted on a drone.

And the latest innovations from the Amazon Ring division seem to have reached maturity. Since the company began making inquiries about the product in the United States, the company will ship the product to whoever orders it in 2021.

The new Ring Always Home Cam drone completely solves the problem of on-demand home monitoring. In fact, the flying camera cannot monitor the house all the time. Instead, it flies to the area the user wants to see, eg b. Incubation and then return to the charger to rest.

The camera supports Amazon's home security loop alarm system, which allows it to react to any event in the home (such as opening a window or door, etc.).

Amazon Ring Always Flight Camera

Amazon has taken a long time to announce the final look of this product. There is no doubt that it will bring great benefits to a large number of users. But as mentioned above, it is only used for on-demand monitoring. However, it only works when the user asks it to monitor a specific part at a certain time.

The new camera works only indoors and offers a recording resolution of up to 1080p that can be viewed in the Ring app linked to the camera. The user can automate the action of the camera, make it fly and monitor certain parts of the house at a specific time.

The new camera supports an audio filtering system that separates flight audio from recorded or played video and audio data. In addition, it also supports obstacle detection technology so that you do not run into any obstacles in the house.

Ring Always Home is developed to run on a single floor. In other words, it cannot be moved from one floor to another, whether by elevators or stairs. However, Amazon has confirmed that this feature is currently in development.

The battery life of this flying camera is relatively short as it can only fly and shoot for five minutes. So you always have to go back to your base to recharge.


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