Microsoft opens its own App Store to third-party app stores
Microsoft opens its own App Store to third-party app stores

Microsoft continues to open its Windows App Store and invites third-party app stores to integrate with its Store.

This is a significant change, as the Amazon Play Store and Epic Game Store will be on the Microsoft Store in the coming months.

Giorgio Sardo, general manager of Microsoft Store, stated: ``Like any other app, a third-party storefront app has a product detail page that can be found by searching or browsing so that users can find and find them easily.

"Today we announced that Amazon and Epic Games will showcase Storefront apps in the Microsoft Store over the coming months," he added. We look forward to welcoming more business in the future.

This news came months after the software giant announced major changes to its store.

The App Store has been completely redesigned for Windows 11 and Windows 10. In addition to this, the company also enables developers to keep 100% of app sales while using alternative payment systems. The only exception is that this does not apply to games.

Previously, Panos Panay, director of Windows and Hardware, announced in June that the company was opening its doors to Steam and other third-party stores as part of the new Windows 11 App Store.

“I want this experience, you go to the store, you write the app and then you get the app you want,” Banay said earlier this year.

Although Steam is not on the list yet. But it could happen in the future, too.

Microsoft will not ask for revenue sharing from these companies

The software giant has promised to become an open platform store and now allows any third-party storefront app to be added to the Microsoft Store through Windows.

This means that apps and games that are separate from competing stores can be found and installed. The Storefront app is also listed in search results.

The only difference here is the partnership between the software giant and the e-commerce giant. Microsoft brings Android apps to Windows 11. This includes the ability to discover and search the Amazon Appstore directly from the Microsoft Store.

A software company's more open app store policy has a huge impact on its store. Popular applications such as Discord, Zoom, VLC, TeamViewer and Visual Studio Code are now included in the Store.

There are also PWAs from Reddit, TikTok, Wikipedia, and Tumblr. Now every browser can be listed in the Microsoft Store and Opera and Yandex take advantage of new guidelines from Microsoft.

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