Android 12 is a major update focused on folding
Android 12 is a major update focused on folding

The leaked code shows that significant improvements geared towards the detour are heading towards Android 12.

Previous reports indicate that there will be a small update after Android 12 this year. According to the previous naming convention, it should be called Android 12.1.

Analysis of the leaked code shows that this update could bring a number of improvements to the way the operating system handles large, foldable displays. Including the introduction of a better split screen user interface. And a lock screen that makes better use of horizontal space. There is also a new system tray that makes it easier to use multiple apps at the same time.

These are useful additions that will reduce the need for manufacturers like Samsung to create their own improvements in the user interface, focusing on porting their devices to Android.

The analysis shows that most of the improvements are related to how better the operating system uses horizontal screen space.

For example, quick settings and notification fields can be displayed side by side at the same time. So instead of individually. The lock screen can now be shared to show the clock on one side and notifications on the other.

When you need to enter your PIN or password, you can now place it on the left or right side of the screen instead of in the middle for one-handed entry from a foldable device.

Android 12 makes better use of the big screen

Android 12.1 is also designed to make it easier to use split screen apps. There is a new shortcut in the Recent Apps menu to open the app in split screen mode. There is no need to long press on the app icon.

At the same time, the new taskbar at the bottom of the screen can also be used to open recently used apps in split screen mode by dragging and dropping recently used apps on either side of the screen.

Analysis shows that they can open their app in split screen mode by swiping down in notifications. Apparently, the Settings app has also received a new interface that allows the top menu items to be displayed on the left. When the submenu is open in the right half of the screen.

Other improvements not focused on foldable devices include the ability to customize the time it takes to press the power button to activate Google Assistant, and allowing manufacturers outside of Google to more easily match their system colors to the Android 12 lock screen.

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