Cyber ​​attacks increase the death rate
Cyber ​​attacks increase the death rate

According to a new report sponsored by cybersecurity firm Censinet, nearly a quarter of health organizations hit by ransomware attacks in the past two years said they increased patient deaths after the disaster.

This discovery continues to add more and more data, indicating that cyber attacks can cause financial and logistical problems. They can also pose significant health risks.

“The impact of ransomware attacks on patient care is undeniable,” said Ed Judd, CEO and founder of Censnet. We should not be afraid to take a look at this data and continue to deal with this problem.

The analysis was conducted by a research organization called the Ponemon Institute and collected feedback from nearly 600 medical institutions in the United States, from regional health systems to medical device manufacturers.

More than 40% of those surveyed said they had experienced a ransomware attack in the past two years. These are cyber attacks that freeze computer systems and demand payment for their activation.

These attacks undermined the facility's ability to care for patients. About 70% of the groups that encountered the ransomware attack said the disruption led to long hospital stays and delays in tests or procedures.

In addition, 36% said these attacks added further complications to medical procedures. 22% said it increased the death rate.

More than half of healthcare companies responded to the survey that they do not trust their companies' ability to address the risks of ransomware attacks.

Cyber ​​attacks delay patient care

Healthcare professionals have long been reluctant to say that ransomware attacks harm patients.

Few people are trying to determine the link between cyberattacks and patients' health. Often, because of the potential impact on a hospital's reputation, hospitals are reluctant to share much information about their experience.

Cyber ​​attacks on medical facilities have increased over the past year, and recently some people have tried to study this topic carefully.

A new analysis by the US Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Agency (CISA) shows that during the spread of the coronavirus epidemic, the number of deaths in hospitals affected by ransomware attacks increased faster in Vermont than in hospitals that did not respond to cyberattacks. .

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