Android users are not interested in upgrading to iPhone 13
Android users are not interested in upgrading to iPhone 13

The next series of iPhone 13 is expected to bring many features and improvements. It includes an improved screen, support for refresh rates up to 120Hz, an improved camera, longer battery life, and the ability to connect to satellites.

However, a recent survey found that these new improvements are not enough to attract Android smartphone users.

Android users are not interested in upgrading to iPhone 13

According to a new survey by SellCell, 80% of people are not interested in switching to the iPhone 13. Compared to the company's survey last year, this number has decreased significantly.

The report found that 32% of respondents said they would not upgrade due to a lack of fingerprint readers in a world where wearing masks has become a necessity. iCloud Photo Verification is the reason why 10% of users don't consider upgrading.

Other causes vary, eg b. Limited iOS customization features and lack of support for sideloading apps. And the presence of Android phones is better than the iPhone 13.

18% of respondents said they are considering a promotion. The reasons for this are the support of up to 6 years of software updates and security patches as well as the integration of the Apple hardware ecosystem. Compared to the big Android phones, there is better data protection above the price of Apple phones.

Upgrade to a new iPhone

In the same survey, 44% of existing iPhone model users said they would prefer upgrading to the next model. Given the company's focus on offering a lot of discounts, this is not surprising. It is also provided when the current model is updated to a newer model.

It is worth noting that Apple is working hard to increase production of iPhone 13 models to 90 million units by the end of the year. This is a 20% increase from last year, and demand for new iPhone models is expected to increase.

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