COCLPP Voice Alert and Car Speed Alarm System Radar Detector
COCLPP Voice Alert and Car Speed Alarm System Radar Detector

COCLPP Radar Detector, Voice and Speed ​​Warning System, 360 Degree City/Highway Mode Radar Detector with LED Display (FCC Approved)

  •     ► Super heterogeneous technology with ultra-fast scanning circuit provides extra detection range and better early warning, even the fastest radar gun can detect the Ku-band radar gun currently used in Europe, super heterogeneous technology, ultra-fast scanning circuit, which provides extra and better detection range, Even the fastest radar gun can be warned in advance.
  •     ► Detect Latest Radar Gun in POP Mode (Extremely Fast Mode) This radar can detect any moving radial velocity observer within 250-2500m in front of it, but not a fixed radial velocity observer.
  •     ► The automatic relative speed detection mute system virtually eliminates false alarms and the shutdown function prevents your detector from being detected by currently available radar detectors.
  •     ► When you detect a location, the GPS will beep to let you know that you are approaching the speed sensor so you can confirm the speed as you go. It is completely immune to the VG-2 radar detector; Even in the event of a power outage, the electronic procedure can remember the configuration of the radar detector indefinitely.
  •     ► The radar detector has a 360 degree laser eye detector which is easy to install.

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