Apple allows reader apps to link to the web to record
Apple allows reader apps to link to the web to record

Apple said it is allowing developers of reading apps like Netflix, Spotify and Amazon Kindle to link their customers directly to its recording site.

It can completely bypass the in-app payment system (30% commission). But in situations where they don't.

In a press release, the company said the ruling ends the JFTC investigation and will now apply to these types of reading apps.

Playback apps is a category that was originally developed by the company to satisfy companies like Netflix. It does this by allowing its users to sign into their existing accounts instead of signing up for new subscriptions through the App Store (and having to pay Apple fees).

The JFTC confirmed the deal in its press release, saying the company's actions eliminated the alleged antitrust violations.

The team has conducted research on the company since 2016, and the team said that Apple is required to report on the transparency status of the application review once a year for the next three years.

According to the Japan Fair Trade Commission (JFTC), the company has proposed changing its application review guidelines in response to the requests.

If you don't have a subscription, the Netflix and Spotify iOS apps are currently unavailable. They all provided a separate login page on their website and sincerely apologized.

In contrast, the Kindle app offers a home page for creating a new Amazon account within the app itself, but you can't buy books there, not even in the standard Amazon app. And you have to use your browser to buy.

Apple allows reader apps to link to the web to record

The iPhone maker said it agreed to let developers of so-called reading apps share a unique link on its website to help users set up and manage their accounts.

It also said it could help reading app developers keep users safe when users log into third-party websites to make purchases.

This indicates that the company may have specific instructions on how to view these links. It is not clear if the developer can name the price.

It's worth noting that when Apple rejected Hey email, even after reviewing the decision later, it became clear that the email app wasn't a reader app. This also applies if you sign up outside the app.

Although the company's app review policy states that the launcher's app may allow users to access previously purchased content. However, the company's new press release clarifies that the developer of the reading app does not offer any digital goods and services for in-app purchase.

This means that Apple gives this exemption to companies that do not pay commission on internal purchases. This includes some of the fiercest critics such as Spotify.

However, Spotify is not happy with the change, saying Apple's move is just a step in the right direction. She said she would continue to advocate the drafting of new laws such as the Open Application Market Act.

Apple announced that the rule won't take effect until early 2022. It doesn't apply to the largest and most profitable category of games on the App Store.

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