Apple could ditch charging ports instead of bowing to Europe
Apple could ditch charging ports instead of bowing to Europe

The iPhone relies entirely on the Lightning connector for charging and file transfer. Although Apple relied on the USB-C port after the Mac and iPad versions, it still relies on this port despite its age.

The European Commission has announced that it will force all manufacturers to use USB-C ports in tablets or other devices that need to be charged. This is in preparation for all major Android phones to access this port.

This move may force Apple to use the iPhone's USB-C port at some point. However, the reaction of American giants may differ from expectations. Because it eliminates the need to add a charging port to your iPhone from scratch.

The European Commission's decision is currently in the proposal stage. But if approved by the European Parliament, Apple would have only 24 months to use USB-C in all of its devices, or of course to do away with the charging port altogether.

The European Union explained that this decision was the result of a desire to protect the environment. Apple clearly disagreed, stating that the sudden switch to USB-C ports would mean removing millions of accessories and Lightning connections.

Will Apple release a portless iPhone?

Rumors are circulating about Apple developing a portless iPhone. Especially after Apple suddenly abandoned the 3.5mm headphone jack for the iPhone 7. The new MagSafe accessories, on the other hand, reduce the need for traditional chargers, not least because the MagSafe Wireless Charger connects directly to the phone's power source and charges the phone wirelessly.

Simply put, Apple can do without the charging port entirely with these accessories. The company was also able to justify its decision in several ways, justifying its earlier decision not to wear headphones.

However, one of the factors that hinder wireless charging is slow charging. Since the iPhone 13 mobile phone only supports a maximum charging power of 15W when it is equipped with a MagSafe charger, the conventional wireless charger only supports a charging power of 7W. , 5 watts.

When it comes to Apple's insistence on using the Lightning port, there are two main reasons. The main reason is that Apple generates revenue by allowing other companies to use cable manufacturing accessories. This is known as the MFi method.

The company may prefer to rely on wireless charging rather than file a USB-C decision with the European Union as the company will continue to generate the same revenue from approving accessories. but it does not matter. The company has up to 24 months after the decision.

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